Why are you wearing a tailcoat?

*Published Date on CENNARIUM: 2016.9.12.

*Category/genre: Musical

*Duration: 85min.

*Original language: Russian

*Venue: Theatr Sovremenny Piesy (Theater of Contemporary Plays) - Moscow - Russia

*Description: Ivan Lomov, a long-time neighbor of Stepan Chubukov, comes to propose to Chubukov's daughter Natalia. After receiving a cheerful permission to marry Natalia, the happy conversation quickly devolves into a series of pointless arguments about Oxen Meadows, the disputed piece of land between their respective properties. This absurd and hilarious comedy is made even more entertaining with the addition of fantastic musical numbers! "Why are your wearing a tailcoat?" is a musical adaptation of Anton Chekov's classic farce A Marriage Proposal.

*Director: Iossif Raikhelgouz

*Dramaturgy: Anton Chekhov

*Music: Sergey Nikitin, Dmitri Sukharev

*Awards: 1993 Independent Audience Award in the "Best Musical” category

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